Sick of lupus

Sick of Lupus

Helping to spread Lupus Awareness

In 2006 I met a very inspiring young women, who is now my closest friend. When I first met her I had no idea she had an incurable illness or the pain she was in. As the months went by I found out more about Lupus and was shocked by how few people knew about it.


That day I made it my mission to spread awareness of Lupus and that mission is still true today.


I started a fundraising page which has been very succesful. Raising at present £6,250.60 for Lupus UK!


I also set up a facebook group and its really positive seeing the members growing.


This year the website will benifit from the addition of blogs, which over the coming months will hopefully be an intresting read, to both those with Lupus and those curious for more information.


I asked my friend to think of a name for a website so thats where sick of Lupus came from! I was so excited the day I purchased the domain name and since then it's been a lot of fun writing on here. But its not been all that fun for my best friend, who is in constant pain and dont even get me started on the amount of medication she has to take everyday. All this to stabilise the symptoms but not one single pill to cure her illness. Then there are the endless hospital trips to monitor the damage Lupus is causing to her body.


Since becoming more involved in raising awareness of Lupus I have been fortunate to make some very valued friends. Hearing their stories makes me more determined to ensure everybody is aware of Lupus and how it affects individuals lives.


My Mission:


To spread awareness of Lupus, to donate to Charities reseaching for a cure and to be a good friend through the everyday strain and pain that Lupus brings.